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Thanks for this Experience

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If you have Virtual Desktop on the Quest I got it to work with that and SteamVR.  After opening SteamVR with VD, open the folder and click the "Ravenclaw" application and then switch back to VR.

Also, this game is amazing! I hope one day someone can map out the entire Hogwarts castle to explore in VR. :-)

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Is there an apk file so could sideload it to the quest? I know you can just use oculus link with steamVR but my oculus app doesn't work.

oculus quest hardware cant handle this game

Ah so cool! Any chance you will release it for Quest too?

Doubt this could work on a Quest without starting from scratch.

Ah, too bad.

what you have here is incredible! i think you could expand this to something bigger will u be having updates and new content? 

Does this work in any VR headset?

any vr based in pc

i wish i could download a Ravenclaw (yes i did use Pottermore fellow Potterheads) and i relly want to chill out in this for the rest of my life

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For the Quest Link, just like with the Rift and Rift S, you'll need to complete setup in the Oculus app and enable "Unknown Sources" in the Settings>General tab. You'll also need to run SteamVR Room Setup, which will either launch when you run SteamVR the first time, or you can find it in your Steam library after launching SteamVR. This will let you play any SteamVR game with your Quest Link, including this one!

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Try following this guide for setup:

If you can launch something from your steam library and play it, then you'll be able to play this game. VR setup can certainly be a pain, but don't worry, you'll be able to play by the time you get it figured out. I've tested via Quest Link and confirmed that all features work as they should.

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I am having trouble getting the voice commands to work.

I am not sure if that is just my headset or if it is the game.

If anyone has a solution please reply.

Awesome Game.
I'm a huge fan of harry potter and am also a  game developer previously worked on multiplayer VR games. I was wondering if your code is in unreal engine(it seems to me based on the quality) and is there a way of open sourcing your code and assets so that I can make the multiplayer duels mode on the top of it? I can see there are also some improvements in the hand controller asset that could be done as well. 

The first thing you see when extracting the .zip is UnityPlayer.dll. It is made with unity.

is it possible to make this for PSVR? I’d love to play the game but I don’t have the right platform :(

Sorry to break it to you, but NOT AT ALL.  PSVR is a whole 'nother platform and can only play playstation games. To my knowledge, there's no way to sideload to a playstation. Even then though, I don't know how many developers would develop for that platform.

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This really is great. The only thing I personally think it would be nice to add is the ability to turn around using the right analog stick on Oculus + Touch (both snap and smooth). I know many people have full room-scale VR setups now, but there's many that don't, and this one little addition would help greatly for those who don't. This is a still great even with the turning limitations, but it would be amazing with that one quality of life improvement for Oculus Rift owners like me.

Thanks for the suggestion, this will be included in the next update!



Is this available on Quest yet via Sidequest from Mac? I am knew to VR and just stumbled upon this experience.

It's a bit hardware-intensive for the Quest, but I'll keep it in mind as the project continues. Currently no plans.

Sounds good. I am hoping to raise some funds to get myself a PC powerful enough to be used for Quest Link. Thank you for the follow up.

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It's great, are you ever going to work on it again?

The Hufflepuff update is in the works! I got this out not long before I had a kid and changed jobs, so there's been a lot of life happening. I'm getting better at finding time for personal projects.

This is amazing, you should consider making this an SteamVR Home enviroment, would be amazing to have this as my Main Home

Hi. I have Oculus Rift S and everything works except the voice commands. I've made sure the game is the active window, that the default settings are the headset and everything, it just won't work. Also tried connecting a separate headset but that won't work either.

I would LOVE to try this out so please, if anyone has any idea on how to make this work, give a yell!


Hello all, I was just wondering because I’m sorta new with VR, do you know if it would work with Oculus Quest and if you do, does it?


Hi, i'm running the game on windows 10 pro, with an oculus rift headset, the rift mic is set as default and i'm pressing the grip button on the controller but the voice commands don't seem to work, and it's a shame since it was because of that that i wanted to play the game, wich seems very interesting btw. I hope you can help me with my problem. The window of the game is on top, i already checked all the comments in the section but i didn't find anything useful.

When do you think you can update it?

I’m running a wireless Vive Pro but can’t get the speech recognition to work.  I’m planning to use this at my 8-yr old’s birthday party.   I spent a good hour or two but never found the solution.

Devs, or fans, any ideas what might be going on?  I know the Vive Pro’s mic is picking up  sound, but in the game, I can’t verbally perform any spells.  LOVE the concept and  I can’t wait to get the full experience soon.  Great ground-breaking work fellas!

This might sound silly, but the last time I had that problem with a Vive Pro it was because that tiny button on the the side of the headset that mutes the microphone and has absolutely no indicator got pressed when I picked it up. Took  me half an hour to solve it...

Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought of that.  Unfortunately, I still cannot use my voice to activate the spells.  I tried pushing the mute button off and on again, but the results were the same.  Any other ideas?  I know the microphone is connected and working, so why doesn't the program recognize the sound???

It’s working now!  Somehow I had only unzipped the .exe file.  As soon as I unzipped ALL of the files and launched the Ravenclaw.exe file, the voice recognition worked perfectly.  This was really cool to cast spells in VR and I’m excited to show this to my kids.  Thanks devs for creating this.  Excited to see what’s coming next!

Thank you for letting me know! I hadn't run into that one before. 

Colin, we want to use it on PC too. Please think us and do some update.

I like it!!!!!

Thank you for this! I loved it

Absolutely love what you’ve made here, but do you know if you are going to make an aiming system for the spells that requires players to have eye tracking, or just use the spell through motion and voice only for those who don’t have eye tracking hardware?

Thanks for trying it out! Gaze tracking using the head and a reticle would be a fallback for eye tracking if it was required. 

Wouldn’t just aiming work as well? I don’t think wands have eye-tracking in the harry potter universe... or would that be too hard to hit things?

Aim assist, and there are some spells that are cast on objects without aiming with the wand directly at them. Having the ability to "focus" on an object and cast a spell feels really good.

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I love this but I wish I could use analog locomotion, I hate teleportation, also I don't like that I cant rotate, maybe could use some more harry potter themed music playing quietly at constant in background.. Other than that it was an excellent experience!

Absolutely love this! Hope this gets updated and grows :)

Its absolutly awesome. Can we have some patronus ? and/or offensive spells ?

Thanks to Nathie for the recommandation and thanks to the dev of this amazing experience. We want more ! ^^

Hey Mr. Cody, 

This is magical! A Harry Potter simulation was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about VR for the first time. I have one quetion. Are you planning to make a entire map of Hogwarts, which people could walk through and explore. If so I suggest you to watch this youtube video: 

its is youtube video made by Shadiversity he could possibly be of some help when creating a full Hogwarts recreation if thats what you intend on doing. 

Much respect


Hey man, you are just absolutely, positively amazing. This made me so happy as there aren't really any Harry Potter vr experiences, and this was executed perfectly. Are you working on any more Harry Potter/Magic games?

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm happy to help people experience Hogwarts in the most compelling way possible. 

I am continuing to work on more wizarding world experiences, but there's not much more I can share about it just yet. 

Thank you so much for working on more awesome things! Will it have Index support?

It certainly will! This also supports Index. Wand grip feels great with the new controllers. 

I just tried it with Index and it was great! But over by the Finite Incantantem spell book when looking inside the shelf it just looks plain weird, like there's a vignette on the screen it something. Any ideas?

Hi! I have an issue, when i start the game nothing happens.

Btw the game looks awesome! 

Can you tell me more about your setup? Operating system, headset, and graphics card?

Im having the same issue i click the ravenclaw app after extracting and nothing happens, using Windows 10 with a gtx 1060 and an htc vive

Do you have SteamVR installed? Are you getting any warnings from Windows that are blocking the app from launching? Since it's an .exe it's possible it's getting blocked by something.

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I do have steam vr but once i click the app nothing happens no warning nothing it showas the loading wheel for a split second and then nothing, i dont know if it matter but i am not conectes to the internet when starting the app. Am i supose to uncompress the folder somewhere specific?

No internet connection required and as long as you extracted the folder and kept all the files together it doesn't matter where you launch it from. Try holding shift and double click the .exe to get launch settings and see if that helps. Otherwise I don't have any diagnostic tools built into the app so I can't do much to troubleshoot remotely. I'm sorry it's not working for you. Please let me know if you figure out what's going on.

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hello, im having some issues. when i try to say a spell its not working, i already made sure that the default is my vr headset but its still not working. please help i really wanna play this game

Happy to help you troubleshoot. Can you tell me what headset you're using, as well as what operating system you're running and what language it's using?  You should also ensure that the game window is active on the desktop, if you haven't.

And even if we aren't able to get voice recognition working for some reason, you can still use every spell in the game by tapping your wand to the corresponding pages found around the room.

I'm having the same problem here!
Windows 10 pro, with spanish as default language.
The game window is active on top but still even though, when i press the grip and the wand glows, i say the spells and nothing happen :(

Hi! This is an awesome game!!! Can you tell me what you used for the voice recognition?

Oh, it's almost disappointingly simple. Unity can use Windows speech recognition, which is quite good. I had a lot of opportunity to test this in many real world settings with dozens of people so I was able to find the right implementation for this demo, but I'm still impressed with how well it holds up. Here's a link to the documentation:

Thank you!

Wow loved playing this game! great graphics as well, keep up the good work ! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details: 

Impressions Video! - Awesome Job!  

Greetings from Germany: D
It would be fantastic if they created a multiplayer game that would play in another world so no rights would be violated. The game would go on Kickstarter through the ceiling ^ ^

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This is brilliant and actually kind of playable on my GTX 780.  The graphics are really detailed, I liked the lighting a lot and casting spells with speech is fun and worked surprisingly well.

There are a few things I missed:

  • Removing the current spell from my wand. I had to cast it onto an object or select a new spell that was then stuck on my wand.
  • Casting spells at a distance.  At some point there was a giant pumpkin floating in the middle of the room and I could not get rid of it. But I see that aiming is a hard thing to do for the player, visual aids (e.g. target markers) break the immersion and eye tracking is not mainstream yet.
  • Touching things with my wand or the controller. When things are floating right before me I would love to give them a little nudge.
  • Switching my want to a different hand. If it's possible, I could not figure it out. I played on the Vive, so I just switched controllers.
  • Graphic options. I would like to disable some post processing. There was a weird dark shadow when I moved things in front of my face. (Also, this may give a performance boost?)
  • Also: other options. I like touchpad locomotion way better than teleportation.

Also some bugs:

  • 'Finite Incantatem' on the scrolls makes them super huge (as already mentioned in another comment).
  • 'Finite Incantatem' does not reset the size on the the thing with the pinkish orb in the large bookshelves.

And then there are the usual wishes of more environments, more interaction, more spells, more anything.

I think you did a really really amazing job with this and I am looking forward to your future work!

Awesome! Thanks for trying it out. It's wild that it worked on a 780. To address to some of your points:

- You can "nox" any spell off your wand

- Use spacebar to switch your wand hand

- Hold shift when launching the .exe to see some (limited) graphics options

- Aiming: I'd love to create a more complex spell system with motion controls and gaze tracking for aiming. I limited aimed casting to the two one-shot spells because it gets messy and frustrating without a proper aiming mechanism. Perhaps for the next project.

I'll look into those "finite" bugs. Thanks for taking the time to let me know!

Well, I just noticed the README (i.e. Instructions_Credits.txt). Seems like (with the exeption of that particular behaviour of nox) you documented everything there. I also tried the graphics settings and 'good' plus motion smoothing worked very well!

As for aiming and a more advanced spell system, I'm exited for experimentation in possible future projects.

Thank you! I enjoyed playing it quite a bit. I especially liked casting spells via voice input and was impressed how good it worked.

I also found a fun bug/easter egg: Try "infinite Incantatem" on one of the map scrolls ;)

I love this! The growing and shrinking mechanic is unique and super fun. My boyfriend and I also really like environment. The environment was really polished.

What a spectacular space with creative objects.  Magnifio!  Any secret Easter Eggs to reveal?

What a cool little thing! For what it is I enjoyed it massively!

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