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Ravenclaw Common Room VR is a fan-made demo project that lets you cast an assortment of spells, interact with magical objects, and relax in the high tower of Hogwarts castle. It is a fully-immersive, realtime VR experience with 6 degrees of freedom and voice-activated magic. Conjure up some trouble or kick your feet up in front of the crackling hearth.  Enjoy a bit of comfort for those of us that call Hogwarts home.


  • Teleport - click the analog stick (oculus touch) or touch pad (vive); hold to aim, release to teleport
  • Grab - trigger
  • Activate wand (use microphone to cast spells) - grip
  • Quit - esc
  • Restart - r
  • Switch wand hand - space

Created by Colin Cody-Waters

Sound design by Brett Bullion

*This project and its creators are not associated with Warner Bros. Entertainment or J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World.


What people are saying:

"Just wanted to say a big thanks for sharing. My girlfriend was almost in tears!"

"This was bloody brilliant! ... I mean, this is what VR is for!"

"Rowena would be proud"

Minimum Spec:

  • OS: Windows™ 10
  • Processor: Intel™ Core™ i5-4590 or AMD FX™ 8350, equivalent or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290, equivalent or better

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the .exe. No installation will occur. 

For best experience, please ensure that your default headphones and microphone are set to the VR headset when launching the app. The game window must be your active window for voice recognition to work.

SteamVR must be installed to play in VR. Fly mode available for mouse and keyboard by clicking "2D Debug" once the app has launched, though only limited interactions are possible.



RavenclawVR.zip 726 MB


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I am blown away by how amazing this VR experience is, absolutely craving for more and more. Splendid work, having a blast playing it!

absolutely loved it! :) I hope you will consider making more harry potter themed VR  games. 

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does it work on quest 2 hooked up to a pc? if it does how do you do it?

im having some issues with it picking up my microphone on my headset. in discord call or otherwise

Hey Colin. I really want to play Ravenclaw common room on my Quest 2 but I am a beginner and I really don't know how to install it on my quest. I don't even know where to start. Could you help me pls?

Ok, they say there's no such thing as a stupid question, so here goes: I'm totally new to VR, about ready to buy what I think should be a decent headset -- the HP Reverb G2 -- and I wanted to know if anyone here recommends that headset for this Hogwarts experience?   I still have to learn about Steam, how it works, etc. but I figured  I could learn while I'm using this project.  Anyone know for sure about compatibility? 

Hey so I'm having some trouble with launching the game, it just doesn't launch i've tried a lot of things but none worked, i'm using a quest 2 with link and SteamVr but the game just launches for a second and then closes itself, Please help me

You are so correct,  This is like stepping into Hogwarts, I think you casted a spell on me, I love it. 🧙‍♂️✨

Can my daughter play this game with an Oculus Quest 2 or would she need to use the Oculus Rift S?

You could use either, but for he oculus quest 2 you would need to use oculus link. Here is a link to a video about oculus link.  You would also need SteamVR to actualy play the game.

Dude, this game is just awesomely magic. I'm sure it's something people would spend money on. Personally I'm left feeling like I want so much more of it but I keep enjoying just repeating the spells and trying it again and again. AWESOME work - in capital letters.

Your little game is AWESOME! God I had so much fun, and I've felt like I've been waiting for years for this! Thank you! You should definitely think about connecting your paypal to your account because I would have loved to donate something for this :) <3.

any chance you can release an apk for this game so i can sideloud it to my quest 2 i believe it will run ok maybe a little laggy but i will be interested in downloading if there was an apk

Great work. I well enjoyed this.

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Looks cool ! Any plan to make it available for Linux ?

Thanks for this Experience

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If you have Virtual Desktop on the Quest I got it to work with that and SteamVR.  After opening SteamVR with VD, open the folder and click the "Ravenclaw" application and then switch back to VR.

Also, this game is amazing! I hope one day someone can map out the entire Hogwarts castle to explore in VR. :-)

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Is there an apk file so could sideload it to the quest? I know you can just use oculus link with steamVR but my oculus app doesn't work.

oculus quest hardware cant handle this game

Ah so cool! Any chance you will release it for Quest too?

Doubt this could work on a Quest without starting from scratch.

Ah, too bad.

what you have here is incredible! i think you could expand this to something bigger will u be having updates and new content? 

Does this work in any VR headset?

any vr based in pc

i wish i could download this....im a Ravenclaw (yes i did use Pottermore fellow Potterheads) and i relly want to chill out in this for the rest of my life

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For the Quest Link, just like with the Rift and Rift S, you'll need to complete setup in the Oculus app and enable "Unknown Sources" in the Settings>General tab. You'll also need to run SteamVR Room Setup, which will either launch when you run SteamVR the first time, or you can find it in your Steam library after launching SteamVR. This will let you play any SteamVR game with your Quest Link, including this one!

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Try following this guide for setup: https://www.androidcentral.com/how-play-half-life-alyx-oculus-quest#wired

If you can launch something from your steam library and play it, then you'll be able to play this game. VR setup can certainly be a pain, but don't worry, you'll be able to play by the time you get it figured out. I've tested via Quest Link and confirmed that all features work as they should.

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I am having trouble getting the voice commands to work.

I am not sure if that is just my headset or if it is the game.

If anyone has a solution please reply.

Awesome Game.
I'm a huge fan of harry potter and am also a  game developer previously worked on multiplayer VR games. I was wondering if your code is in unreal engine(it seems to me based on the quality) and is there a way of open sourcing your code and assets so that I can make the multiplayer duels mode on the top of it? I can see there are also some improvements in the hand controller asset that could be done as well. 

The first thing you see when extracting the .zip is UnityPlayer.dll. It is made with unity.

is it possible to make this for PSVR? I’d love to play the game but I don’t have the right platform :(

Sorry to break it to you, but NOT AT ALL.  PSVR is a whole 'nother platform and can only play playstation games. To my knowledge, there's no way to sideload to a playstation. Even then though, I don't know how many developers would develop for that platform.

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This really is great. The only thing I personally think it would be nice to add is the ability to turn around using the right analog stick on Oculus + Touch (both snap and smooth). I know many people have full room-scale VR setups now, but there's many that don't, and this one little addition would help greatly for those who don't. This is a still great even with the turning limitations, but it would be amazing with that one quality of life improvement for Oculus Rift owners like me.

Thanks for the suggestion, this will be included in the next update!



Is this available on Quest yet via Sidequest from Mac? I am knew to VR and just stumbled upon this experience.

It's a bit hardware-intensive for the Quest, but I'll keep it in mind as the project continues. Currently no plans.

Sounds good. I am hoping to raise some funds to get myself a PC powerful enough to be used for Quest Link. Thank you for the follow up.

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It's great, are you ever going to work on it again?

The Hufflepuff update is in the works! I got this out not long before I had a kid and changed jobs, so there's been a lot of life happening. I'm getting better at finding time for personal projects.

This is amazing, you should consider making this an SteamVR Home enviroment, would be amazing to have this as my Main Home

Hi. I have Oculus Rift S and everything works except the voice commands. I've made sure the game is the active window, that the default settings are the headset and everything, it just won't work. Also tried connecting a separate headset but that won't work either.

I would LOVE to try this out so please, if anyone has any idea on how to make this work, give a yell!


Hello all, I was just wondering because I’m sorta new with VR, do you know if it would work with Oculus Quest and if you do, does it?


Hi, i'm running the game on windows 10 pro, with an oculus rift headset, the rift mic is set as default and i'm pressing the grip button on the controller but the voice commands don't seem to work, and it's a shame since it was because of that that i wanted to play the game, wich seems very interesting btw. I hope you can help me with my problem. The window of the game is on top, i already checked all the comments in the section but i didn't find anything useful.

When do you think you can update it?

I’m running a wireless Vive Pro but can’t get the speech recognition to work.  I’m planning to use this at my 8-yr old’s birthday party.   I spent a good hour or two but never found the solution.

Devs, or fans, any ideas what might be going on?  I know the Vive Pro’s mic is picking up  sound, but in the game, I can’t verbally perform any spells.  LOVE the concept and  I can’t wait to get the full experience soon.  Great ground-breaking work fellas!

This might sound silly, but the last time I had that problem with a Vive Pro it was because that tiny button on the the side of the headset that mutes the microphone and has absolutely no indicator got pressed when I picked it up. Took  me half an hour to solve it...

Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought of that.  Unfortunately, I still cannot use my voice to activate the spells.  I tried pushing the mute button off and on again, but the results were the same.  Any other ideas?  I know the microphone is connected and working, so why doesn't the program recognize the sound???

It’s working now!  Somehow I had only unzipped the .exe file.  As soon as I unzipped ALL of the files and launched the Ravenclaw.exe file, the voice recognition worked perfectly.  This was really cool to cast spells in VR and I’m excited to show this to my kids.  Thanks devs for creating this.  Excited to see what’s coming next!

Thank you for letting me know! I hadn't run into that one before. 

Colin, we want to use it on PC too. Please think us and do some update.

I like it!!!!!

Thank you for this! I loved it

Absolutely love what you’ve made here, but do you know if you are going to make an aiming system for the spells that requires players to have eye tracking, or just use the spell through motion and voice only for those who don’t have eye tracking hardware?

Thanks for trying it out! Gaze tracking using the head and a reticle would be a fallback for eye tracking if it was required. 

Wouldn’t just aiming work as well? I don’t think wands have eye-tracking in the harry potter universe... or would that be too hard to hit things?

Aim assist, and there are some spells that are cast on objects without aiming with the wand directly at them. Having the ability to "focus" on an object and cast a spell feels really good.

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I love this but I wish I could use analog locomotion, I hate teleportation, also I don't like that I cant rotate, maybe could use some more harry potter themed music playing quietly at constant in background.. Other than that it was an excellent experience!

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